About Court Certified Examiner David Goldberg

David Goldberg, professional, board certified expert licensed examiner with over 10,000 exams. See him for all your needs and full closure. 757-495-1301

Areas of Expertise


Executive Protection Group has been established since 2001 by David M. Goldberg.  Mr. Goldberg is extremely qualified, extremely experienced, fully licensed and is a board-certified polygraph examiner by the State of Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation. Having over 30 years of Criminal Justice experience, which includes: Criminal Investigations of all matters of importance, Polygraph/Lie Detection Testing, Dignitary/Personal Protection Assignments of Executives, Politicians and Celebrities, Hostage/Crisis Negotiations, Corporate Security Consultations,  Detection of Hidden Surveillance Devices, Training and Guest lecturing on above topics and more.  Also serving proudly and honorably as a Veteran of the United States Armed Forces in a Combat Unit in the US Navy. 

His years of investigative experience includes: Homicides, Infant Deaths, Sexual Assaults of (Children, Teens and Adults), Serious Child Trauma and Child Sexual Exploitation on the Internet as a Specialized Team Member with the FBI Task Force. Locating missing persons, Domestic/Family related issues, Counterfeit United States Currency, Counterfeit DVD, Music CD Fraud and Corporate/Insurance Fraud cases. Having over 50 professional certifications as an investigator allows Mr. Goldberg to provide all clients, businesses and Govt Agencies around the world with the most professional and in-depth detailed polygraph examinations and reports. This vast experience makes all the difference in your exam and displays more experience than other examiners you may consider hiring. Mr. Goldberg is certified as a subject matter expert in the field of interviewing and detection of deception as a polygraph examiner and qualified investigator. 

He has been certified as an expert in the General District Courts and Circuit Courts of Virginia on the topics of Detection of Deception, Sexual Abuse and on Counterfeit US Currency. Mr. Goldberg has appeared in the 4th District United States Federal Court to testify on the topic of Polygraph Detection of Deception and assisted in an innocent individual getting released from prison who was wrongly convicted.  Also, Mr. Goldberg assisted an individual commuted from Death Row to Life in Prison working with the ACLU in 2018

Mr. Goldberg has been once again requested in 2019 to assist by the Innocence Project in assisting an individual placed on Death Row based on his expert experience.  

Mr. Goldberg has assisted so many clients ranging from Infidelity, military service members, Child Custody matters, Child Sexual Abuse allegations, theft, school board issues,  Business Loss, family matters, attempted murder and assisted with so many  professional attorneys win cases by having them clear their names and integrity by false allegations against them.    

No other local examiner has testified or been deemed an expert in the field of Detection of Deception.  Mr. Goldberg is certified as a Virginia State Private Investigator and has been hired numerous times to assist in serious investigations. He has instructed Criminal Justice related topics licensed by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).  He served as the very First President for 4 years of the largest Crisis/Hostage Negotiators Association in the State of Virginia, The Southeastern Virginia Crisis Negotiators Association. He has trained, lectured or administered highly sensitive polygraph examinations to the following organizations and agencies. Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Virginia Beach Police Department,  Federal Public Defenders Office,  Old Dominion University Police Department, Norfolk Virginia Police Department, National Organization on Child Services, CHKD Child Abuse Center, Norfolk International Airport Police, Newport News Police, Hampton Police Department,  Newport News Sheriff's Office,  Williamsburg Police, James City County Police, Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office, Norfolk Virginia Sheriff’s Office, Franklin Police Department, Petersburg Sheriff's Office, Virginia Beach Fire Department,  Newport News/Hampton Fire Department's,  Newport News Behavioral Health Center, Poplar Springs Behavioral Health Center, Kempsville Behavioral Health Center, Integrated Health Services,  Hilton Hotels and Virginia Public School System. Mr. Goldberg is highly recognized by the Family Assessment and Planning Teams (FAPT) for his expertise in advising all Social Service Agencies in reference to Sexual Offending individuals and their needs and the community needs and citizens  safety. Mr. Goldberg has worked with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) for children in need of special services in cases of Child Sexual Abuse.  

Mr. Goldberg graduated at the top of his class from the Virginia School of Polygraph. He has advanced training as a Forensic PsychoPhysiologist (in the Detection of Deception). Mr. Goldberg has received one of the highest polygraph certification called Marin Protocol. There are only 14 Marin certified examiners in the country with this credential awarded by the American Polygraph Association.  He has worked extensively with the United States Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, DEA, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms in the capacity as a Polygraph Examiner, Investigator and Personal Protection Specialist. Mr. Goldberg assisted with the Post Conviction Sex Offender testing requirements for all examiners in the State of Virginia. Mr. Goldberg has lectured and assisted at Capella University, Tidewater Community College Psychology Department, Edinborough University and Centura College Paralegal/Law Studies. Mr. Goldberg was selected for his expertise to travel  and assist the Jamaican Constabulary Force on polygraph examinations on serious issues of Corruption, Theft and Pre-Employment. Also, Mr. Goldberg was the only Polygraph Examiner from the United States requested by the Israeli Polygraph Association to travel too Israel to share his polygraph experience and expertise.  Mr. Goldberg is the ONLY examiner and polygraph business in the entire Hampton Roads Region, which includes all 7 cities of Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg and surrounding areas. Who has been requested to  appear on numerous Television shows, documentaries, News outlets, Radio Station programs and in the Virginian Pilot front page newspaper article, giving expert advice on Polygraph Examinations of matters of importance and for relationship polygraph examinations and the use of Detection of Deception. Mr. Goldberg is the official polygraph examiner for INBF Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness for women and men. The official examiner for BOB FM  Virginia Beach Tuna Tournament, Charles Barker Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament, the only I Million Dollar Rockfish Tournament ever held in Virginia Beach and the brand new Oceans East Cobia and Tuna Tournaments 2019. He has conducted well over 11,000 certified documented polygraph examinations. Mr. Goldberg has been elected twice by his peers as Vice President of the Virginia Polygraph Association and is a member in Excellent standings with the (APA) American Polygraph Association, (VPA) The Virginia Polygraph Association, National Polygraph Association Maryland Polygraph Association, Israeli Polygraph Association and European Association.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO THOSE SELECTING A POLYGRAPH EXAMINER AND OR POLYGRAPH BUSINESS LOCALLY OR IN ANY STATE: There are adequate examiners everywhere.  Some Polygraph examiners and  businesses in the State of Virginia may  charge you less just to get you into their doors. But you will always get way less in quality and services and you may be very regretful for going to those places.  REMEMBER YOU ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.   ALSO READ ALL REVIEWS BEFORE HIRING. THEY SAY AND TELL ALOT.  SOME HAVE VERY LITTLE REVIEWS AS THIS SAYS ALOT.  Go with the most experience,  Go with the PROVEN BEST and Top Examiner with real client reviews and real attorneys who have truly won multiple cases.  David Goldberg of Executive Protection Group.    

Our Approach


Why Executive Protection Group is rated the Best polygraph examiner by clients and by Attorney's.  

First Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service has been in business longer than any other polygraph service in Hampton Roads. Executive Protection Group has been rated best 10 years in a row for being the BEST POLYGRAPH SERVICE in the area. Customers and businesses have given the highest ratings allowed online with GOOGLE, YP.COM, YAHOO and YELP.  This is more than any other polygraph services or examiners have received. Many other examiners have received poor reviews and ratings. Many client have traveled to Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service after having received poor results from other examiners and businesses. Mr. Goldberg has administered thousands more polygraph examinations than any other local examiner, which means more experience.  We do not fabricate and take other examiners experiences and make it ours like other examiners have placed on their websites.  We have proven results by our clients own reviews and cases won by attorneys who have used our services for their clients.  Our professionalism is why we are so trusted over others.  Mr. Goldberg has been deemed an expert in polygraph testing in courts, by attorneys, therapist  and is  sought after by News outlets for interviews for that reason. Mr. Goldberg is also a leading expert in relationship/ infidelity testing. Mr. Goldberg will get all your questions answered fully and resolved the very first time. 

We offer the most comprehensive and in depth polygraph examinations around.  You receive full closure IMMEDIATELY the same day of your scheduled appointment for all your questions so you can move forward with your life.  You will NEVER leave Executive Protection Groups Office in doubt or wandering what if? or did he or she really pass or fail like at other polygraph businesses. You will  never have to wait days for any results as others examiners tell you on their websites. Other examiners are afraid to give your results that day. WE ARE NOT.  Your life issues are so important to us and we ensure total CONFIDENTIALITY from the first phone call or  first email we receive.   

Also remember this you always get what you HIRE AND PAY FOR.  You must ask yourself this?  If you were to get any kind of surgery. Would you look for a less expensive /cheaper Surgeon/Doctor to perform this on you or would you search for a surgeon with more experience.  The same question should apply for your polygraph examiner giving you a Lie Detection Test. As your issues are just as important to you as any surgery. Always go with an examiner with more experience. Not a CHEAPER PRICED EXAMINER.  At Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service you receive years of experience, dedication, undivided attention in which we listen to every word you say and your issue is what counts and matters to us. 



We offer you real tangible results.  We give you something you can truly prove your integrity and your honesty that same day of your appointment.  We take great pride in knowing that our clients will leave our office completely satisfied knowing they received FULL CLOSURE and the FULL TRUTH. 

Our mission and goal of this company is and will always be dedicated to finding the truth and resolving the issues that are so important to our clients, no matter how long the process may take.  You are the only concern when it comes to scheduling.  

 Plus Executive Protection Group is the only Polygraph Company that has multiple contracts with all state and local agencies Law Enforcement, Corrections and Fire Departments, Hampton Roads Department of Social Services, Juvenile Court Services Units, Probation and Parole, Therapist, Psychiatrist, Residential Treatment Facilities treating sexual offenders both adults and juveniles and sexual addicted individuals. We are also the only Polygraph Examination business that the United States Military Branches refers and recommends military personnel for examinations. 

We provide polygraph testing for all of Hampton Roads Region, which includes all of Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg and surrounding areas in the State of Virginia and other states.  Our testing is done in our professional office or at a approved suitable location.

Others may say things over the phone or on their websites to entice you to hire them. Some have copied information from our website, but remember they cannot prove the experience like Executive Protection Group can.