Flexible Hours 7 days a week and Best lie detector results


Flexible Scheduling 7 days a week/ 365 Days year and all Holidays

Most polygraph businesses only offer their clients Monday thru Friday Service if you are lucky.  Some open their offices after 5:00PM because they do this part-time only.  At Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service, we know that personal and business issues are not just limited to only 5 days a week, but are important 24 hours a day, 7 days a week/ 365 days a year and during all holidays.  This is why at Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service, we are the only service around that offers professional polygraph services 7 days a week, all Holidays / 365 days a year. Flexible hours for you. Testing throughout entire state of Virginia. Life never stops and we don't stop until we get all your answers and give you closure!!!  757-495-1301

Results immediately and we offer Interpreters


Every client is offered a very detailed and very accurate account of  all the facts of the entire polygraph examination and interview. Not like at other examiners and other polygraph businesses. Several clients who have come to Executive Protection Group from other polygraph businesses locally and from afar complain about the lack of facts given to them. The other examiners are afraid to give the results to them at the time of their appointment and that they Leave having no closure at all from other polygraph  businesses. Not at Executive Protection Group. You receive full closure, get the results immediately. 


We are the only Polygraph Business that has a staff of Interpreters on call in many different languages. So do not think just because you or someone you know who speaks a different language cannot get tested to resolve your issues. Languages of: Spanish, Russian, Croatian, Serbian, French, Hebrew and many more.      


Most highly recommended and rated and reviewed examiner and polygraph business by real testimonials


Executive Protection Group Polygraph is the only business and examiner in all of Hampton Roads, Virginia who has been featured on all news outlets, radios stations, TV shows  locally and afar and in the Virginia Pilot newspaper for being a subject matter expert and who is highly respected in the field of polygraph examinations and the only examiner who is court certified and Most experienced examiner

We provide polygraph testing for all of Hampton Roads Region, which includes all of Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg and surrounding areas of the State of Virginia and beyond.  Our testing is done in our professional office or at a approved suitable location.

BEST POLYGRAPH BUSINESS 18 years in a row NO OTHER POLYGRAPH BUSINESSS AROUND CAN SAY THAT.  Rated BEST and preferred by all clients based on their experiences on Google, YP.com over any other polygraph business or examiner they have either called or visited.


Flexible Hours 7 days a week and Best Lie Detector Test in Virginia

Remember this. There will always be two sides to every story told. But there will always be one side of the story that is absolutely truth and the other false. Let your side be the truth and proven 100% by a polygraph test. Do not hesitate to show your integrity with the most accurate polygraph business and examiner. Executive Protection Group. Call today 757-495-1301