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Get your real answers from a highly respected, extremely qualified, very sought after Expert Board Certified and ONLY COURT CERTIFIED polygraph examiner in the area with well over 11,000 certified and proven examinations administered.  You may ask yourself why does it matter if I get an exam from an certified expert?  It makes all the difference.  If you go with an examiner that is not deemed an Expert by courts or is highly respected and recognized and referred by professionals like Attorneys, Psychiatrist, Therapist and Physicians and has less experience with less exams administered. You begin to seriously jeopardize your integrity, life, career and family.  Poor Reviews or No Reviews by an Examiner should tell you everything you ever want to know about an examiner or their business.  Do not delay any further to get your full closure to important issues you so deserve the truth too from a real expert.  David Goldberg from Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service.

VIRGINIA BEACH VA prices start at S300.00

NORFOLK VA Start at $300.00

CHESAPEAKE VA  Start at $300.00 

PORTSMOUTH VA Start at $300.00 

HAMPTON VA Start at $300.00 

SUFFOLK VA Start at $300.00 

WILLIAMSBURG VA  Start at $300.00

RICHMOND VA Start at $500.00 in suitable testing location Client Provides.  No Testing in private Residence

FREDRICKSBURG VA Start at $500.00 in suitable   testing location Client Provides No Testing in private Residence

CHARLOTTESVILLE VA Start at $500.00 in suitable testing location Client Provides No Testing in private Residence

No better prices anywhere for an expert examiner. Others may have less experience. BE CAUTIOUS, IF YOU DONT CARE BEST OF LUCK.  Prices vary for specific issues.  Your examiner will advise. 

Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service. 

Best and highly Rated Polygraph/Lie Detector Service 

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Executive Protection Group has been in business longer and rated more credible than any other polygraph/lie detection service in the area by client, businesses and attorneys on Google and others online.  Why you may ask? Because our reputation, integrity, services and results are the best. DONT GO ANYWHERE ELSE! 

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Ask yourself is it truly worth paying for a less qualified less experienced examiner at other polygraph services and not getting full closure? The answer should always be no. Go with the real expert and get Full Closure. 

Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service. 

Best and most highly rated Lie Detector Service 


Feel Free to move on!


You can only feel free when you have total closure. always compare quality versus cheap prices, compare client reviews online of ours with other examiners and other polygraph businesses and you will see we beat everyone hands down for Professionalism, getting the truth, results and being an expert.  

Do Not make a mistake and go with someone else.

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By pressing the Buy Now button and submitting your deposit. You agree and affirm that the deposit is a Non-refundable deposit. No Refunds. This deposit guarantee's that you will be assigned an appointment once the fee is submitted.  Your examiner will contact you immediately and you will be scheduled a date that is agreed upon.  No appointment can be affirmed or made without the deposit received. The balance will be due at the appointment minus the deposit fee. Thank you and we look forward to helping you like we have for thousands before you.