Frequently Asked Questions from clients to the best polygraph examiner


Is there a difference in hiring examiners for testing? The answer is always yes. Always hire a fully licensed and not an intern and one with true real prior Law Enforcement experience.

What if I take Prescription Medication or my significant other takes medication will it affect my test? The answer is NO.  There is no theoretical rational or published research suggesting that any medication would result in erroneous faulty polygraph examination results.  

How Long does a Polygraph Examination Take? Typically an examination can take up to 3 hours in length depending on the specific issue to be resolved and administered. Some examinations can take less and some can take a lot longer. If you have been given an examination of a very important matter. Such as Criminal, Infidelity, Allegations of Child Abuse physical or sexual and it took less than 3 hours from another polygraph business or examiner. You have been done an serious injustice by that examiner administering the test on you. If you feel you received the wrong results. You need to see Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service.

Can I ask the Questions If I am having someone take a test. The answer is Always YES. If the examiner says no. Go elsewhere.....

The examiner will re-write in a professional manner for testing purposes. If you have already had someone tested and the examiner did not allow you to present your questions to be asked. Then once again you have been done an injustice to your examination. You need to see Executive Protection Group for a very thorough examination. 

I hear Inconclusive a lot. What does that mean? That only means that the examiner made a mistake.

Can Pregnant Women be tested? The answer is yes. Executive Protection Group is the only Polygraph Service who will test women who are pregnant and testing will not cause any harm to the baby or mother. Other services and examiners are afraid. Do not let your pregnancy delay finding the truth.