Additional Information

Please Note that people that lie or withhold information will do anything and go the extra mile to keep this from anyone.  Significant others, employers or job application interviews.  There are places now  that will offer FAKE POLYGRAPH RESULTS and REPORTS. All you have to do is send in your questions, answers and they will email you the results.  I  want to inform those who are serious about having someone take an exam for them.  DO NOT ACCEPT A REPORT FROM ANYONE OTHER THAN A REAL POLYGRAPH EXAMINER THAT YOU HAVE PERSONALLY MET.  DO NOT ACCEPT ONE IN THE MAIL OR  VIA ANY ELECTRONIC FORM AGAIN UNLESS YOU HAVE MET THAT EXAMINER.  You need to pickup the report yourself and ensure the envelope is sealed and is official. 

At Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service. Our reports are truly Official and are accepted in all courts. Federal, State and City. This shows the pure accuracy, veracity and integrity of Examiner David Goldberg and Executive Protection Group. 

Another important issue to truly be aware of and concerned with. When hiring a polygraph examiner.  Polygraph Interns are offered in place of examiners  from some businesses or referral services. These are not Fully Licensed Examiners. They have less then 100 exams administered by them and mainly in the private sector. These INTERNS are not fully monitored in the same state or immediately after the exam has been administered. This means the intern could ultimately be making a mistake on your exam and there is no official licensed examiner to review the exam immediately after completion as it should be for an Intern administering any exam.  Therefore you are going with an Interns decision. The licensed examiner who is supposed to be monitoring the intern will review the exam results later from another location hours later or a state that the intern does not work or live in and have to review it via electronically. Not a very good quality control monitoring system for accurate results. Then you are now waiting for results and your life is still placed on hold. Sometimes INTERNS are offered to you for lower prices. But you should truly ask yourself is your life worth saving a dollar versus hiring a truly fully licensed professional examiner in your area.