Certifications and AFFILIATIONS well over 50 other certifications.

Board Certified Polygraph Examiner

 Board Certified Licensed Examiner for your needed Polygraph Testing Issues.

Commonwealth of Virginia Board Certified Licensed Polygraph Examiner. As awarded by the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation. 

Virginia Polygraph Association

Full Member of the Virginia Polygraph Association and Elected twice as Vice President.

Virginia Polygraph Association Member. Elected as Vice President two times.

Advanced Polygraph Certification

Advance Specialized Training in Polygraph Techniques and Testing awarded by the American Polygraph Association.

Advanced Specialized Training in Administering Polygraph Examinations as Awarded by the American Polygraph Association.

Interviewing and Interpret Skills

Specialized Training Certificate in Interviewing and Polygraph Interpreting and Reporting Results.

Certificate of training of Interviewing, Cross Cultural Individuals, Countermeasures and ability to properly interpret polygraph results and report them to examinee's.

Child Exploitation Investigation Skills

Expert in the Field of Child Sexual and Child Exploitation and Child Pornography Investigations. By the FBI

Online Child Pornography and Child Exploitation Investigation Certificate as awarded by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

Israeli Polygraph Association Member

Only Virginia Polygraph Member who is a Member of the Israeli Polygraph Examiners Association.

Only State of Virginia Polygraph Examiner to be a member of the Israeli Polygraph Association.

MOre Training and Certifications than any other examiners

Validated Techniques


Certificate of training for validated techniques.  Body Language



Certificate of training for Physiology and proper pre-test procedures. 

Interviewing Skills


Certificate of training for Interviewing and interpreting polygraph results. So important to your life.

Proper Question Formulation


Certificate of training for proper question formulation. The most important part of any polygraph examination. This is where many less experience examiners fail the examinee

Polygraph Techniques


Advance Training Certificate for polygraph techniques. 

Advance Techniques for Physiology


Certificate of training for Countermeasures and Physiology