Poor Polygraph Referral Services Higher fees

Additional Information

Please Note there are several referral services that offer polygraph examinations located in New York, Maryland and California that offer high referral fees and offer you Interns for LIE DETECTION TESTING. They offer Interns in exchange for cheaper exams in place of being experienced licensed examiners with less than 100 exams administered in their career. Some referral services owners have been charged and convicted of fraud and cheating themselves by clients and by the Federal Government.  Some companies even offer Liars and cheaters information on how to order Fake Polygraph Results to share with your significant other, employers or for job application interviews. 

 At Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service we are real, we are certified, we are licensed and want to inform the intelligent client and smart consumer who is truly going through some serious issues.  DO NOT HIRE THESE REFERRAL SERVICES OR POLYGRAPH COMPANIES YOU FINE ONLINE. DO NOT ACCEPT A REPORT FROM ANYONE OTHER THAN A REAL POLYGRAPH EXAMINER THAT IS LOCAL AND YOU HAVE PERSONALLY MET.  DO NOT ACCEPT A REPORT VIA ANY ELECTRONIC FORM UNLESS YOU HAVE OFFICIALLY MET THAT EXAMINER IN PERSON FIRST.  

At Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service. Our Examiner is professional, licensed and credentialed and have years administrating exams. The examiner has years of true experienced in Law Enforcement investigating matters of life importance that you may experience.  We offer no INTERNS, We refuse to hire any Interns. We do not Offer FAKE Reports. Our reports are truly Official, Authenticated and are accepted in all courts. Federal, State and City. They are accepted by government agencies, attorneys, therapist and physicians. We are the real deal.  This shows the pure accuracy, veracity and integrity of Examiner David Goldberg and Executive Protection Group.