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There is a very huge misconception that polygraph examinations cannot be used in a court of law. Polygraph Examinations can be considered as evidence and if presented properly can be offered in court as such. The information obtained in a polygraph examination will be used in court or out of court. Polygraph Tests have been used in Administrative Hearings, School Boards, Job Termination hearings, United States Military Administrative Hearings and dealing with criminal and civil cases for decades. 

These polygraph examinations have been presented successfully by many highly experienced attorneys on both sides of the law. Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys throughout the United States both Federally and in State Courts. It is also imperative that you get a polygraph examiner that has (Testified in a court of law as a polygraph examiner and who has criminal law enforcement background experience to administer your polygraph examination).  As this will offer you more credibility in your examination, give you a more comprehensive examination for your attorney representing you. 

Examiners with no court room experience, not being a court certified subject matter expert as a polygraph examiner, being an Intern or having less experience administering polygraph examinations or having no law enforcement background experience. Will profoundly effect your polygraph examination, your case and hurt your attorney representing you. 

The examiner with no courtroom certified expertise and no law enforcement background will not fully understand the true nature of your allegations against you and not be able to get the full facts of your case. All they will do is ask basic simple questions.  At Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service and examiner David Goldberg has years of experience working with the finest attorneys who work in Criminal, Civil, Family and Marital law cases daily. Mr. Goldberg has years of experience and thousands of examinations administered assisting attorneys and their clients. Making your polygraph examination more credible and more acceptable in a court of law.  David Goldberg has true court room expert experience who has been deemed an expert by the Circuits Courts and Military Courts as a polygraph examiner and in other areas of investigations.  He is highly recommended by attorneys on both sides of the law. So Mr. Goldberg is not a HIRED HAND MEANING HE TAKES NO SIDES. HE FINDS THE FACTS OF THE CASE AND PRESENTS IT FAIRLY AND THIS IS HOW THE ATTORNEYS USE THE EXAMIANTION ACCORDINGLY.    

Why do you think a highly rated television talk show hires retired or former law enforcement polygraph examiners. Because they are the best at their profession. They do not hire anyone without Law Enforcement experience.  SO DONT YOU. 

The admittance of the polygraph examination will always be up to the Ruling Judge presiding over any case as in any evidence presented. The judge must decide whether or not he or she will permit this evidence into their court hearing. But your attorney who is experience will also have a big part in this matter. DO NOT Hesitate to prove your innocence because of someone told you it cant be used or a friend, family member or by a rumor that polygraphs wont help you in court. There is Federal Supreme Court Ruling on Admissions of Polygraph Examinations admitted it's called Dalbert vs. Dow Pharmaceuticals 1993. So this is not just Hearsay being said. It is fact written in Law. 

If you feel strongly enough about your innocence and in your case. You need to take a polygraph. If the polygraph gets used you have assisted your case by 110% versus not taking one and not helping yourself later. By not taking a polygraph only delays matters. Judges and Probations Officers throughout Hampton Roads and the State of Virginia orders polygraph examinations on Sexual Offenders and Federal Child Pornography cases,  other criminal matters and those on Probation for certain offenses as well as for certain Child Custody Issues. Once again this proves that polygraph examinations are used in court hearings both in lower State Courts and in Federal Courts and Military courts.    

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Lawyers use polygraph testing for ciminal, family law and custody issues.

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Attorney's and Law Firms

The following very successful and highly rated and hard working attorneys and law firms, which have hired Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service only.  These Attorneys have received very favorable outcomes for their clients all due to their clients taking polygraph examinations. These attorneys use Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service and come from all over the State of Virginia and throughout the United States. They chose Executive Protection Group over other examiners or polygraph business in their area or state due to the reputation of Executive Protection Group and expertise. Please call these lawyers and ask as they continue to use our services and are extremely pleased guaranteed.  

Some Attorneys may not recommend polygraphs as they are unfamiliar with them. Seek an attorney with experience that has won cases by using polygraphs.  

The Decker Law Firm (Located in Downtown Norfolk, VA)   

(The Late) Mr. Peter Decker  Mr. Peter Decker III                                                                                                              

Mr. Larry Cardon

Mr. George Neskis


Mr. Daniel J. Miller (Virginia Beach) ( Criminal Law) 

Mr. Bobby Howlett Jr. (Norfolk Virginia)

Mr. Andrew Richmond (Virginia Beach) Firm of  Mahoney, Nashatka, Richmond (Marital Lawyer)

Mr. Daniel G. Forbes (Located Franklin Virginia) 

Mr. Paul Mauer (Pender and Coward Law Firm) (Family and Child Custody)

Ms.  Jennifer Stanton (Federal Law, Norfolk)

Swartz, Taliaferro, Swartz and Goodove Law Firm (Located in Norfolk)  (Criminal Law)

Mr. Jeffrey Swartz (Criminal Law)

Mr. William Taliaferro    (Criminal Law) 

Mr. Peter Imbrogno          (Criminal Law                                                                              

Ms. Kate Kistler (Family Law Virginia Beach)

Ms. Pamela Hampton (General Law)

Mr.  Neil Kuchinsky ( Colonial Heights VA)  

Mr.  Stanley Sachs  (Located in Downtown Norfolk, VA  (Criminal  Law)        

Mr.  Andrew M. Sachs (Located in Downtown Norfolk, VA    (Criminal Law) 

Mr. Robert Neeley (Immigration Law)

Mr. Richard L. Buyrn (Chesp, VA) (Criminal Law)

Mr. Walter Dalton 

Mr. David Dildy (Located in Hampton Virginia)

Macari, Russotto, Spencer and Balaban Attorneys at Law (Virginia Beach)                     

Mr. Don Macari (Attorney as portrayed in the Movie a Few Good Men by Actor Tom Cruise)     

Ms. Chrystina O'Brien (Family Law)   

Mr. Johnnie L. Finch (North Carolina & VA Beach) (General Law)

Mr. David Bouchard General Law) 

Mr. Raymond L. Hogge, Jr. (Employment Law Expert) 

Mr. John Coggeshall  (Criminal Law) 

Joynes and Giades Law Firm (Located in Virginia Beach)  General Law                                                                

Mr. Casey Chmielewski (Virginia Beach) Berg Legal Clinic    Criminal and Military Law  

Mr. Darrell Harding (Virginia Beach) (Criminal and Divorce Atty)

Kaufman and Canoles Law Firm (Located Downtown Norfolk)  General Law  

Mr. Barry Koch

Ms. Allison Anders   

Mr. Jan C. Smith

Mr. Scott Hallauer (Virginia Beach) (Criminal and Military Law) 

Mr. Ware Morrison (Virginia Beach) Criminal Law

Wolcott, Rivers and Gates Attorneys At Law (Located in Virginia Beach)    

Ms. Chesire Eveleigh   (Family Law, Child Custody) 


Mr. Michael Laben (US Immigration Law ) 

Mr. Adam M. Carroll 

Mr. Charles V. Hadenbergh (Located Petersburg VA) Criminal Law 

Ms. Shannon Hadeed (Washington DC) Immigration and Criminal Law  

Mr. William (Happy) O'Brien (Criminal Law 

Abrons, Chiusano and Scevious Law Firm 

(Located Virginia Beach)                                                   

Mr. Arnold Abrons  (Criminal Law )

Mr. William Johnson  (General Law)

Mr. Ronnie Mayhew (General Law 

Mr. Barry Taylor  (General Law  

Slipow, Robusto and Kellam Law Firm 

(Located Virginia Beach)                                                         

Mr. Larry Slipow   (Criminal Law)

Mr. Michael Robusto  (Criminal Law)

Ms. Melinda Glaubke  (Criminal Law)

Mr. Raymond Hogge (Virginia Beach) (Criminal Law)

Mr. Larry Woodward (Virginia Beach) Criminal Law)

Ms. Lynn Seithel  ((General Law)


Commonwealth's Attorney's Office VA Beach                        

Commonwealth's Attorney's Office Isle of Wight  

Commonwealth's Attorney's Office Culpepper, VA

Tor Hoerman Law Firm (Located Edwardsville, IL)  

Commonwealth's Attorney's Office Dinwiddie, VA  

Commonwealth's Attorney's Office Halifax, VA  

Commonwealth's Attorney's Office Southampton County

City Attorney City of Virginia Beach

United States Federal Public Defender's Office (Located Norfolk)  

 ​Mr. Andrew W. Grindrod (Assist Federal Public Defender)                                                                   

Ms. Rita Ros-Planas   

Mr. Richard Colgan  (Assist Federal Public Defender)                                                                          

Mr. George Norman & Noah Weisberg Newport News    

Ms. Suzanne Katchmar (Assist Federal Public Defender)

​Ms. Susan Harrison Jones (Assist. Federal Public Defender)

Wanda Rivera (Investigator Federal Public Defenders Office)

Ms. Megan Durkee (Assist Federal Public Defenders Office) 

The Unites States Naval Legal Office and Other Branches of the United States Armed Forces refer their Military personnel to Executive Protection Group for all issues of importance and they do not refer to any other polygraph examiner or other polygraph business due to experience and success in the clients cases. 

The following Attorneys have been very successful for their clients from the Military 

Lt. Jacob E. Meusch (United States Navy Defense Counsel Norfolk, VA)

Lt. Warren Brookes (United States Navy  Defense Counsel Norfolk, VA)

Lt. Sean Denehay (United States Navy Defense Counsel Norfolk, VA)   

Lt. Craig  Warner (United States Navy Defense Counsel Norfolk, VA)

LCDR  Angela Tang (United States Navy Defense  and Prosecution Counsel Washington DC and Norfolk, VA)

LCDR Michael B. Hanzel (United States Navy Defense Counsel Norfolk, VA) 

Lt. Dong Lee (United States Navy Defense Counsel Norfolk, VA) 

Captain Eric Price (Commanding Officer Defense Service Office United States Navy JAG Washington DC)

Mr. Peter Kageleiry (Specializes in Military Law)

Mr. Brian Ferguson (Specializes in Military Law Austin Texas)

Mr. Scott Lang (Specializes in Military Law)

LCDR Stacie Hummel Virginia Beach 

Mr. Scott Hallauer Virginia Beach (Navy Jag Reserve Officer) 

Lt. Sproed (United States Navy Defense Counsel Norfolk, VA)